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Then the press will leave

Bert Ernste

International Herald Tribune, Letters to the Editor, May 5, 1989

Swarms of journalists descended on Namibia a month ago when the United Nations assumed the responsibility to oversee the process that is to bring independence. Namibians can expect a new wave to arrive around the time of the first free and fair elections, which are scheduled for Nov. 1. And independence day, when it comes, will bring much the same.

Obviously it will be of historic importance if Namibia finally gains independence, and it is useful to be able to compare reports from a number of different news organizations. But so many?

Later will come the process of establishing a Namibian society and building up the economy — in short, of becoming a nation. This process, with few set dates or events, will not receive such extensive coverage. It would be better if journalists somehow could provide more continuous coverage.

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